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Promote Healthy Behavior

Measure Results
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Increase Awareness

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  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Weight
  3. and More!
  4. Body Mass Index
Why Healthbot Works

Healthbot is an Integral Part of Any Employee Wellness Program

Healthbot Offers 24/7 Self-measurement of key biometrics

Self Use increases employee participation in the overall wellness program and allows wellness staff time to focus on education

Employees log in to their accounts to save and monitor their own results. Historical data is available for an employee at any point at the kiosk or on this website

Healthbot increases the adoption of a healthy lifestyle

With Healthbot-derived data, employees are incentivized to continue to measure and monitor key biometrics

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Flexible - affordable - data reporting packages available

Secured data transfers to third party systems 

Data Aggregation via Validic
View your personal-health-record anywhere on our mobile website
Great for companies small to large

Pay for only the products/services you want, we will customize to meet your needs and budget

Healthbot and Your Wellness Initiatives



Activate and Reward

Empower your employees with personal health data allowing proactive management of key health parameters.   Individuals can track and trend these parameters over time on any Healthbot or on our secure website.
Use aggregated Healthbot data to identify trends and measure the true return on your Health and Wellness investment.
Use Healthbot provided data to tie activity and lifestyle changes to results.  Provide incentives that rewards healthy behavior.
Promote Your Wellness Brand
​Customize your Healthbot
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Do you Currently Use a Legacy Pharmacy Style Blood Pressure Kiosk as Your Employee Wellness Program?

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